History calling!

The Taj Mahal
The Taj Mahal

We all love to hear stories about the ancient world. The architectural marvels of that era hold an aesthetic value which is hard to replicate these days. This is why people have the urge to visit these magnificent marvels at least once in their lifetime. Many people have unique bucket list ideas but most of them do not get to live out their dreams. If you don’t have a bucket list then you should learn how to make a bucket list. Bucket list makerapps are available all over the internet so it won’t be to hard to learn how to make a bucket list. You can make travel bucket list and a normal one with simple bucket list ideas.

Famous Tombs and Mausoleums

Among these, some are just a little more famous and people flock to these places in numbers and if you are one of those people then you will want to visit these places as well. And if you like old tombs and mausoleums then you will definitely want to keep these places in your travel bucket list visit places like the Taj Mahal, The Great Pyramid Of Giza, The Lenin mausoleum, The tomb of Cyrus etc.

The Taj Mahal and Lenin’s Mausoleum

The Taj Mahal is situated in the Indian subcontinent and it is one of the wonders of the world. It is the resting place of Shah Jahan’s wife and it took almost 21 years to build this wonderful tomb. The all marble architecture of the Taj Mahal is the reason why it looks so amazing. This place should be in your bucket list if you really love tombs.

Situated in Moscow, The Lenin’s Mausoleum is the resting place of the great Russian Revolutionary, Vladimir Lenin. His body has been preserved in this tomb by keeping the temperature at 16°c and the humidity at 80 to 90%. It is on display and this is why this tomb is so unique. Do visit this place. It is also known as Lenin’s Tomb throughout Russia.

Pyramid: symbol of Egypt
Pyramid: symbol of Egypt

The biggest Pyramid and the Tomb of Cyprus

Pyramids are among some of the mysterious and fascinating objects in the world. Even today people are trying to date the pyramids which are quite problematic as stone cannot be dated. Among these pyramids, The Great Pyramid Of Giza is the most famous. Located in Egypt, this amazing Pyramid is said to have been built between 2560 and 2540 B.C and it is the biggest among all the three pyramids of Giza.

Iran is no slouch however as it has one of the most famous tombs in the world. The Tomb Of Cyprus is where the emperor Cyprus rests. He was one of the greatest rules as well as the founder of the Persian Empire. It is so famous that even Alexander The Great also gave it a visit and upon entering the tomb he found vast amounts of gold jewelry which included a golden bed. A gold coffin was also found inside the tomb. Your bucket list can be updated after you finish visiting these places. These are some the places you can visit but apart from this, there are a lot of other tombs which are also renowned for their architecture and grandeur. So without wasting much time, start saving if you want to visit these sites as some of these are located in remote places of the world which isn’t easy to access and you have to spend good about of money just to get there. You can make a separate account and keep all your money there. There’s a running contest where you can participate and win $500. You just have to download the app, register and upload your bucket list. If you win, then a few other unique bucket list ideas can be incorporated to your  travel bucket list.