Have a Drink at a Bar on an A380

A Bar on an A380
A Bar on an A380

Looking for some unique bucket list ideas? You won’t get much more unique than this – have you ever heard of having a drink at an inflight bar?

Emirates, among other airlines, has made this a reality on their Airbus A380. Does the idea of this give you James Bond vibes too? If you’re prepared to fly business or first class, you can have a drink 30,000 feet in the air – forget the mile-high club, this is a much better item for your bucket list (though perhaps a tad more expensive, but much more hygienic).

Once your flight is in the air, you can order your drink to your seat, or get up and mosey to the bar. At the bar, you’ll find a range of snacks available, and a dedicated crew member who can make you just about any drink you order (including Moet), though I would suggest a martini or old fashioned to take full advantage of that agent-on-a-mission feel.

Airbus A380

As you sip at your drink, you can chat with the crew member behind the bar, or with your fellow passengers, which will be a strange experience – how often have you wanted to talk to the passenger beside you?

While this experience doesn’t come cheap (perhaps an understatement), it is an incredible experience, and if you are lucky enough to have that kind of cash or build up enough miles to get an upgrade on one of these flights, you can tick this off your bucket list. Alaska airlines charge 90,000 Alaska miles for a one-way Emirates First Class trip from the US to Dubai, or 100,000 to Europe, Asia, or Africa (or any of those in reverse).

Emirates are also bringing out lounges and spas to their inflight entertainment in the future, so if you’re not interested in a bar, perhaps a massage at 30,000 feet is more your speed? Ready to add drinking on an A380 to your bucket list? Click here to make your own bucket list online, or search for the Buckil bucket list app on Google Play for Android or the App Store for iOS.