Run with the Bulls in Pamplona, Spain

Running with the bulls
Running with the bulls

Looking for a bucket list idea that is perhaps top of the adrenaline-producing bucket list that certainly isn’t for everyone? Join in with the “Running of the Bulls”, held each July in Pamplona, Spain.

While this tradition is still held in a few cities throughout Spain, Pamplona is the most infamous – each morning at 8am during the San Fermin Festival officials release six huge horned bulls approximately 800m (half a mile) from a bullpen, and the idea is to lure the animals to the pen.

If this is a must-do on your bucket list, you’d better get out there soon as it’s likely this tradition won’t be around for too much longer. Not only is the practice considered cruel by many (the bulls will be killed later that day), but you can expect multiple people in the crowd to be trampled, bruised, and potentially gored.

Running of the Bulls

Yes, it’s as dangerous as it sounds! The last death by goring was in 2009, but there are often hundreds of people running so you can probably sacrifice someone behind you to save yourself. As long as you are over 18, you can participate in the run, and as you’ll see in pictures, it is almost exclusively men who take part.

Pamplona is about four hours from Madrid and Barcelona, and the running itself takes about four minutes.

If you’re looking for a safer and more animal-friendly adrenaline-fueled run to be a part of, PETA holds a “Running of the Nudes” each year in July – perhaps a different way to get a thrill?

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