Visit the Moulin Rouge

Moulin Rouge Paris
Moulin Rouge Paris

There aren’t many people in the world who haven’t heard of the Moulin Rouge. A trip to Paris won’t leave you short of things to do but taking in a cabaret show—perhaps the most famous in the world—should be on your bucket list.

The Moulin Rouge was founded in 1889 by Charles Zidler and Joseph Oller and is best known for being the birthplace of the can-can dance. The original building burned down in 1915. The show is incredibly entertaining for all, including the flirtatious dancing you would expect, performed by some of the world’s best professional dancers.

You can expect to see amazing costumes, detailed set pieces, and great lighting. They often have up to 100 dancers on stage, performing all kinds of themed dances and performances. You can expect to see the can-can (how could they leave it out!) but the other dances change, so if you plan to go with someone who’s been before they will still have a great new experience.

The Moulin Rouge is in Pigalle and is just across the road from the Blanche stop on the Metro. The Moulin Rouge has two showings each night, one at 9pm and one at 11pm, every night of the week. You can have dinner before the 9pm showing.

The Moulin Rouge show allow ages six and up, so whether you want to take the family to see it or not is entirely up to you. The show does contain topless women, so it really depends on how conservatively you raise your children and what you feel is suitable for your children and teens.

The Moulin Rouge is not black-tie, but you should dress smartly, so avoid sneakers and anything you’d wear with them, and you’ll be fine – the official site has more information for you.

Tickets aren’t cheap – they start at about 87 euros and rise from there. If you want to splash some cash and get the VIP experience, book early.

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