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Cinque Terre Trip
The Italian Riviera isn’t exactly short of stunning destinations, but the Cinque Terre is particularly special. These five fishing communities are no longer the isolated villages they once were, but they still have the relaxed, quaint feel they did before they became a popular tourist destination.
Milford Sound Nature Cruise
Putting together your travel bucket list? Milford Sound has to be on your list! Milford Sound is a fiord and Heritage site on New Zealand’s South Island and is home to some of the most breath-taking landscapes on Earth. Rudyard Kipling famously described Milford Sound...

Visit Hobbiton

Hobbiton trip - bucket list
If you’re a Lord of the Rings fan, visiting Hobbiton absolutely has to be on your bucket list. Hobbiton, in Middle Earth (okay, New Zealand), is actually on a 1250-acre sheep farm in the New Zealand countryside, and was scouted by Peter Jackson (director of both Lord of the Rings and...
Swimming with Stingrays
If you’re a person who loves the sea and its creatures then you probably have something like swimming with stingrays in your bucket list. You must have thought this through and decided that you really want to get a good look at the rays by swimming with them. This is a...
Zip Line Adventure
Who doesn’t love adventure sports? Almost everybody is into adventure sports these days. They have become commercially popular and people from all over the world come to try some of these out. This sport is also known as aerial rope slide, flying fox and zip wire. It’s one of the most...
The Taj Mahal
We all love to hear stories about the ancient world. The architectural marvels of that era hold an aesthetic value which is hard to replicate these days. This is why people have the urge to visit these magnificent marvels at least once in their lifetime. Many people have unique bucket list...
Bora Bora Island
Most people visit Tahiti as it is their bucket list destination. They all have a travel bucket list where places like Tahiti are given the most priority. This means that they would like to visit all of these places as soon as they can. After visiting these places, they will update...

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