Extracting Honey
Looking for unique bucket list ideas? Here’s an experience you may not have thought of: extracting honey from a beehive and becoming a beekeeper for a day. Fortunately, you don’t have to have the space to own a beehive to have this experience, there...
Jet Flighter ride
Getting behind the controls of the latest jet fighter technology is a lot easier than you’d think – and thank goodness, because it makes an awesome experience for your bucket list if you love adrenaline-fueled experiences or are an airplane enthusiast.

Drink Kava

Fijians drink Kava
Kava is a drink Fijians drink during religious ceremonies, and it is well known for its mild sedative qualities that some believe has a euphoric effect. There are a couple of ways you can try Kava, and the best is to go to Fiji and experience it there.
Terracotta Warriors
In Xi’an, China, the countries cultural heart, you’ll find something strange. While the walled city has modernized with the times, nestled within its walls is the world’s largest ancient imperial tomb complex, and inside that tomb, you’ll find an unmoving army. The Terracotta Warriors are a...
Blue Grotto
If you’re heading off to Italy at any point this year, visiting the Blue Grotto, also known as Grotto Azzurra, in Capri, must be on your 2019 bucket list. The Blue Grotto is on Italy’s Amalfi Coast and was once feared by locals for being a...
Door to hell
The “Door to Hell”, otherwise known as the “Gates of Hell” and the Darvaza Gas Crater, deserves a place on any travel bucket list. The Darvaza gas crater, in Derweze, Turkmenistan, is a natural gas field that collapsed into an underground cavern and then was...
Name a Star
If you’re fortunate enough to live somewhere where there isn’t so much light pollution that you can’t see the full sky at night, one trip outside your back door on a clear night will show you the billions of stars you can see in just one section of the night...
Running with the bulls
Looking for a bucket list idea that is perhaps top of the adrenaline-producing bucket list that certainly isn’t for everyone? Join in with the “Running of the Bulls”, held each July in Pamplona, Spain. While this tradition is still held in a few cities throughout...
Tuscany wine tours
Ah, beautiful Tuscany – a must for just about any travel bucket list, but there are a couple of other reasons the region is worth visiting other than for the beautiful scenery… the food and wine. If you consider yourself a...
Blood Moon
Experiencing a lunar eclipse (often referred to as a “blood moon”) is a great free experience to add to your bucket list. A lunar eclipse occurs when the moon passes directly behind the earth, into its shadow (umbra), while the sun is in alignment with both...

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