Fly on a Trapeze

Flying Trapeze
Flying Trapeze

Did you ever dream of running away to join the circus as a child? If so, flying on a trapeze is likely the perfect item for your bucket list.

This may or may not surprise you but flying on a trapeze is a popular item on bucket lists for 2019, and with good reason. Flying on a trapeze is a chance to step outside your comfort zone and is a good way to ease into your adventure bucket list, especially if you’ve got more hair-raising and adrenaline-pumping activities later down the list.

It’s time you fulfill your childhood fantasy of swinging up high from the bars, graceful and care-free!

A quick Google search will likely show you that there is an experience day or class near you, as classes are popping up all over the world. If you need a little support to take the plunge many of these companies and classes offer a group discount, so there’s an added incentive to bring a bunch of friends to start ticking items off their bucket list too (and don’t forget to tell them to come to Buckil to get started).

Fly on a Trapeze

Depending on your location, you may fly inside in a gym, under a tent like a real circus performer, or even outside under a swath of blue sky. The instructor will set you up in the right safety equipment and tell you how to fly and how to fall into the net below.

As you stand on the platform, you’ll likely realize that it’s a tad higher than you expected, but you won’t have much time to worry before you grab hold and fly across the sky like the circus performers you admired as a child.

When your arms are ready to give out, you’ll drop down into the net and then you’ll get to do the cool (and hopefully graceful) flip off the net onto the mats below. You did it! Best of all? Lessons are often an hour or more so you’ll have plenty of chances to have another go!

Done! Time to tick it off your bucket list! If you’re looking for more unique bucket list ideas, make sure you check out the Buckil app on iOS and Android, or go to to start your list online today – and make sure your friends do too!