Drink Wine in Tuscany

Tuscany wine tours
Tuscany wine tours

Ah, beautiful Tuscany – a must for just about any travel bucket list, but there are a couple of other reasons the region is worth visiting other than for the beautiful scenery… the food and wine.

If you consider yourself a wine connoisseur (or would love to be one), you need to add drinking wine in Tuscany to your bucket list. Any stay in the region will offer you the chance for wine tastings and vineyard tours, but perhaps the ultimate wine-lovers bucket list item is to actually stay at one of the wineries.

If that’s not in your budget – don’t worry, as there are numerous vineyard tours and region-wide wine tours for you to go on, most of which will take care of the transport (important) and include lunch, where you’ll be served authentic fresh Italian food in an often private location.

For the best experience, find a tour who keeps the group relatively small – the best reviewed are for groups of eight, and you don’t need to know anyone else on the tour to have an amazing experience you’ll remember forever. Many of these tours also include other authentic Tuscan activities such as gelato-making, cycling, and truffle hunting.

Drink wine in Tuscany
Tuscany wine trail

If possible, don’t forget to bring some extra spending money so you can take bottles of your favorite wines back to your hotel, to drive home in the car if you live in Europe, or have it shipped safely home so you can continue a piece of your bucket list experience there.

You’d be hard pressed to find a winery that didn’t speak English, so you won’t have to worry about muddling your way through Italian if you’re feeling a little tipsy – and at the end of the day you can return to where you are staying to sit out on the balcony or out on the patio and enjoy the warmth of a beautiful Tuscan summer evening.

If you’re looking to offset the calories you’ll consume from the incredible local wine and food, cycle and walk around Florence and the rest of Tuscany to take advantage of the beautiful historic region.

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