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Hobbiton trip - bucket list
Hobbiton tour - bucket list

If you’re a Lord of the Rings fan, visiting Hobbiton absolutely has to be on your bucket list. Hobbiton, in Middle Earth (okay, New Zealand), is actually on a 1250-acre sheep farm in the New Zealand countryside, and was scouted by Peter Jackson (director of both Lord of the Rings and the Hobbit trilogy) himself.

The set was originally built for the Lord of the Rings films, then torn down, but when they rebuilt it again in 2009 for the Hobbit trilogy, they decided to make the set in permanent materials and it is now the mecca for all fans of Middle Earth.

Hobbiton is just as beautiful and tranquil in real life as it looks on the big screen – there are stunning lakes, rolling green hills, azure blue skies and perfectly round doors nestled in the hillsides.

Unfortunately, you can’t explore Hobbiton solo, but you can take a guided tour and they limit the number of people in each group, so everyone will have a chance to see Hobbiton in all its glory. Because you can only visit as part of a tour, it’s important that you book ahead to reserve your spot.

Hobbiton trip - bucket list idea
Hobbiton trip – bucket list idea

Hobbiton is packed with incredible detail, everything is designed to look like one of the hobbits could open their door at any time and invite you in. There are boats tied on boats on the docks, moss growing on fences, manicured gardens, and gardening tools lying around as if someone has only just put them down.

If you want Hobbiton to look just like it does in the movies make sure you book your trip in late spring or summer, when the gardens are in full bloom and the weather will be just right for a certain hobbit’s birthday…

If you want to learn more about the Movie Set Tour or the Evening Banquet Tour, you can find out more on the Hobbiton website.

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