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Cinque Terre Trip
The Italian Riviera isn’t exactly short of stunning destinations, but the Cinque Terre is particularly special. These five fishing communities are no longer the isolated villages they once were, but they still have the relaxed, quaint feel they did before they became a popular tourist destination.
Anne Frank House Tour
Everyone should visit the Anne Frank house. We can’t forget what people were put through, especially Jewish people, during World War II and the Holocaust. While concentration camps are incredibly important to see, some people may find it simply too hard, but the Anne Frank house is...
The myth of the Giant's Causeway
Ireland is a beautiful country steeped in history and mythology, and few places capture the magic of this mythology like the Giant’s Causeway. The Giant’s Causeway, located on Antrim’s northern coast, is one of the top tourist attractions in Northern Island. These incredible stones...

Visit Portofino

Portofino Travel Experience
Portofino is a place you’ll find on any great travel bucket list – why? Because Portofino is one of the most beautiful towns on the Italian Riviera and has something to offer absolutely everyone. Portofino is a picturesque fishing village on the coastline, southeast...
Extracting Honey
Looking for unique bucket list ideas? Here’s an experience you may not have thought of: extracting honey from a beehive and becoming a beekeeper for a day. Fortunately, you don’t have to have the space to own a beehive to have this experience, there...
Bucket list - Start a fire with Sticks
This is a bucket list item for those of you who foster a love of camping, daydream about what life would be like if they had to survive out in the wilderness. Though starting a fire doesn’t require a lot of set up – you just need...

Go Zorbing

Amazing Zorbing Experience
If you’re looking to fill your bucket list with plenty of fun activities, Zorbing almost certainly earns a place on that list. Zorbing, if you don’t know, is a slightly strange concept, in that people strap themselves into a transparent ball (a “Zorb”) that is filled with...

Eat a Century Egg

Bucket list ideas: Eat Century Egg
A century egg doesn’t exactly look appetizing, but if your bucket list is full of eating all kinds of weird and exotic foods, this will probably find a place on your list. So, what is a century egg? Well, it goes by a few...

Go Zip Lining

Zip Lining Experience
Ziplining is growing in popularity across the world, and if you’re yet to try it, you absolutely should. Since you’re here reading this article, we can assume that you also see the appeal – soaring through the treetops like a bird is a great experience, and while it’s certainly a...
The World's Largest Swimming Pool
Who doesn’t love a good pool? Pools can be found in backyards across the world wherever it is warm enough, but did you know that swimming is one of the oldest recorded human activities? Historians have found evidence of people swimming as early as 6000 BCE, and what better way...

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