Fly on an Airship (Blimp)

Airship travel
Airship travel

Is there anything more exciting than gracefully flying through the sky on a blimp? For many, looking up to the sky as children and seeing a blimp floating by was one of the most thrilling things to see. Now, it’s time to get up there yourself.

Thing is, it’s not as straightforward as it sounds. When the idea comes to mind, you think that it must be like a hot air balloon ride, right? I mean, you’re going up into the sky, surely you can just look up online and book on? Well… no, you can’t. At least not that easily and probably not somewhere within driving distance of your home, unless you’re very lucky.

The blimps you’re probably thinking of (like MetLife and Goodyear) either don’t allow rides at all, or only give them away for auction winners, press, and VIPs. So, there was another option: Airship Ventures based in California operated a 246-foot zeppelin called the Eureka, and they were the only commercial airship operator in the US, but unfortunately, they closed in 2012. 

Bucket list ideas: Airship Travel

There are actually only 10 blimps in operation in the US, and 25 in the world. So, if you’re going to get this item ticked off your bucket list, you’ll have to do some serious muscling to get on one. Most blimps are used for media and advertising at sporting events, and those who ride them say you can get some motion sickness from the blimp riding the wind.

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