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Holiday in Maldives
A visit to the Maldives should be on any great traveler’s bucket list. The Maldives, in the Indian Ocean, is a sovereign archipelagic nation, and comprises of 26 natural atolls (chain of islands), with over 1,000 individual islands. The Maldives has rightfully earned its place as one of the most beautiful...
Glacier Walks Team
If you want a bucket list full of unique experiences or great reasons to travel, you should add “Walk on a Glacier” to your bucket list. Walking on a glacier is an experience unlike any other, and if you want this to be an item checked off your list, you...
Trevi Fountain Wish
If you don’t know the Trevi Fountain by name, you’ll know it by sight. The magnificent Trevi Fountain in Rome is one of the best-known fountains in the world, and throwing a coin into the water has become a popular ritual for tourists who believe, or would like to believe,...
Swim in Jellyfish Lake
If you tell anyone you want to add “swim in Jellyfish Lake” to your bucket list, they’ll probably look at you like you just told them you want to add “cut off a toe” to your bucket list. Why would you want to swim in a lake full of jellyfish?...
Night Snowboarding
If you’ve never thought of it before, going night snowboarding will either seem like something you just have to try, or something so stupid you wouldn’t ever do it. Since you’re here, we’re going to assume you’re the former, and that you’re always up for a new challenge.
Bucket list ideas: Molecular Gastronomy Dinner
Are you someone who likes to eat their way around a new town or city? Are you someone who is always up for trying a new food or dish? If so, here’s a perfect bucket list item for you: eat a molecular gastronomy dinner. What’s...
Ice hotel Sweden
The Ice Hotel in Sweden is a spectacular hotel made almost completely from ice that is rebuilt each year in the village of Jukkasjarvi, in northern Sweden, from ice taken from a nearby river. It was first opened in 1990 and is now open yearly...
Jet Flighter ride
Getting behind the controls of the latest jet fighter technology is a lot easier than you’d think – and thank goodness, because it makes an awesome experience for your bucket list if you love adrenaline-fueled experiences or are an airplane enthusiast.

Drink Kava

Fijians drink Kava
Kava is a drink Fijians drink during religious ceremonies, and it is well known for its mild sedative qualities that some believe has a euphoric effect. There are a couple of ways you can try Kava, and the best is to go to Fiji and experience it there.
I hope you’ve been walking around with a couple of pounds of beads hanging around your neck in training because Mardi Gras in New Orleans (and I want you to pronounce that naw-lins, so you’ll sound a little more like a native) will test your necks strength to the limit....

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