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Cage Dive with Great White Sharks
Are you looking for something adventurous with an element of danger to add to your bucket list? Here’s an idea for you: cage dive with great white sharks. Great whites are impressive apex predators that breed fear in many people – just look at movies like Jaws – but they are...
Beautiful view of Wellington
New Zealand is one of the greatest treasures of the planet Earth. The country is so beautiful that comparing it to paradise will not be doing any injustice to paradise. The landscape, weather, culture, cuisines of this country will not fail to take your breath away, no...
Rental Properties
Are you one of those people who feel too lazy to go out and work to earn money? Well, then this is the going to be one of the most perfect unique bucket list ideas for you. Indians have always shied away from investing huge amount of...
Sweet Home
Everyone must have wished for a home of their own, once in their entire lifetime. A home which you have dreamt of, a home which is made out of dreams, and someday would turn into reality. I’m also pretty sure, this is one of the topmost wishes...

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