Be Part of a Television Audience

Live Television Audience
Live Television Audience

If you have a great relationship with your television and love game shows, sit-coms, and other live audience shows, being in one of those audiences should definitely be on your bucket list.

Show producers often turn to live audiences to create atmosphere and avoid fake laughter tracks for their television shows, and they’ll offer free tickets to get people in through the door. Why do they give the tickets away for free? Because in return for your free show they expect you to follow some direction and be happy to sit around while they set up different shots.

If you’re in a major city, especially one like Los Angeles, New York, and London, going to be part of a television audience is one of the best free things you can do in the city, and it’s a chance to get close to your favorite film and television stars.

Live Television Audience

If you attend a live filming, make sure you set your TV up at home to record so you can watch it back later, or if it’s pre-filmed throw a viewing party at home and get together with your friends to watch your bucket list moment to see if you can spot yourself in the audience.

So how do you get in an audience? Your best bet is to search for how to be in the audience in your area or for the specific show you want to attend and find out if you need to email the television company, apply online, or go through an audience services company to get your tickets.

Once you’ve attended the show, you can tick this box off your bucket list! If you’re looking for more bucket list ideas, make sure you check out the Buckil app on iOS and Android, or go to to start your list online today!