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Shangri-La Hotel Bangkok
Shangri-La Hotel Bangkok

Shangri-La is an epitome of amazement. You can find one in every continent except for South America and of course Antarctica. The heavens situated in the earth are one of a kind and must be included in your bucket list 2019, for your upcoming travel ventures.

Best Shangri-La hotels?

There is not one hotel that you can choose from them as the best because all of the Shangri-la hotels feature the best kind of experience and will give you the best possible view and luxury that you can experience. Not just modern amenities but you’ll also be able to feel the traditional touch as well as the culture and heritage in the hotels which will, even more, push you to keep this in your travel bucket list. Besides having the best possible traditional styled hotels you’ll get the Maharaja or Royal Highness kind of reception in the Indian Shangri-La branches and the very modern facilities and amenities in the branches situated in North America and Europe.

Shangri-La Hotel
Shangri La Hong Kong

Travel and Lodging Advice

All the hotels are built keeping in mind the best possible views that could be provided with utmost safety features for the consumers. The hotels will give you a glance at the heart of Mother Nature in Malaysia and as well as a peep in the miracles of technology in Hong Kong. The place is an absolute paradise for a vacation in your bucket list.

You can download the Shangri-La mobile app in order to know more about the exciting offers regarding their hotels, the latest information about their tariffs to book hotel rooms and also to avail exciting offers. The hotels will let you experience the united cultures of India and China. This bucket list app will surely be able to answer all your questions about whichever continent you want to live in. Also, enjoy the majestic spas and therapies available at Shangri-La and feel like a king of older times.

The delicious cuisines

Besides the great views and greater facilities the food of the restaurants of Shangri-La hotels will surely take your breath away. You won’t be able to resist the magnetism of the culturally inspired cuisines you will get to have at the hotels. You will also be able to taste authentic cuisines of whichever country you choose to stay and it will be a one in a lifetime experience which you won’t be able to forget.

If you choose to be at the hotels in mainland China or India, you will be overwhelmed with the kind of culture dose you will get, starting from the designs of the hotels and rooms to the textures of the cuisines available.

So why think twice? Make it your absolute target to complete your ultimate 2019 bucket list by staying at Shangri-La at least once and you will see for yourself that there is not one thing that you will dislike about them. So download the Shangri-La app and start planning your dream trip as soon as possible.