Bucket list: Own 100 rental properties

Rental Properties
Rental Properties

Are you one of those people who feel too lazy to go out and work to earn money? Well, then this is the going to be one of the most perfect unique bucket list ideas for you. Indians have always shied away from investing huge amount of money in something as they feel more comfortable in saving the money but if you want your life to be as smooth as butter financially, imagine what could be a better way to be lying on your bed all month and then at the end of the month money coming to your home like a food delivery boy delivers foods than renting your properties. The more real estate you invest in, the more it will be possible for you to rent and the more you rent the more annual revenue you will generate and the more annual revenue you generate the less stress you will have in your life and the less stress you have the happier you will be. So owning properties and renting them are big security for you financially. Now two properties are better than one, three is better than two and even hundred is better than three. So why not include owning 100 rental properties in your bucket list 2019.

Own Rental Properties
Own Rental Properties

Investing rather than saving is always beneficial :

In India, people often use the words ‘Saving’ and ‘investing’ as terms which are more or less the same in meanings. Firstly Saving is a term used for assets which are kept aside as contingencies which generally offers very little or actually no rate of any kind of return. On the other hand, Investment is a term used for ventures that process to create wealth. Now investing is basically a path which can lead to more money being created or generated through some capitals as they are used in a process over a period of phrases. So owning properties to rent will be your ultimate 2019 bucket list.

Steady cash flow:

The real motivator behind your this investment spree will definitely be the steady secure and safe cash flow which cannot be promised in any other options. You will be making money basically from cash flow and appreciation as a real estate investor and owning a hundred rental properties will basically be a gold mine for you. Believe us this kind of venture or investment won’t be any less than the world famous investor Warren Buffet’s investments. So quickly download a bucket list app to start planning for your early retirement.

Huge tax benefits on rental property investments :

As a rental property investor, you will be eligible to huge tax benefits directly or indirectly from the govt. For instance, govt. offers great tax benefits on rental property’s factors like insurance, maintenance, and running costs, investment property taxes, legal fees, and depreciation.

So what’s the wait for? Start planning for your early retirement tactics and pave your way to become a millionaire in no time.